Nature Conservation Projects

The riches of nature, and the services they provide, depend on those who manage land, water and the creatures that live there. Some guidance for these important managers, and the governments that influence them, can be found in European Charters here (see the right column).


Best practice ideas from across Europe were gathered in 2011, from two European Commission projects, at the Naturalliance site in 23 European languages. This was followed on 23 April 2019 by a Naturalliance Network, now in 40 global languages on a hub-with-satellites system. Further multilingual networks are being started by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to help restore the riches of nature through global-with-local efforts worldwide  


The first of these project sites is about Grey Partridges and the wildflower-loaded habitats needed by them, pollinators and many other species. The Perdixnet hub was launched on 11 May 2017. Its 18 European languages are promoting wildlife-friendly farming from the North Sea to the Adriatic, through national sites and local projects. This was followed on 27 August 2019 by a network to conserve the Saker Falcon, in 10 languages for Asia and North Africa.


Networks may follow on deer and wild boar, river quality, 'nature based solutions' and 'ecosystem services'.